From one concrete jungle to another, Larissa is a Brazilian creative writer and freelance journalist from Sao Paulo who lives in Manhattan, New York.

Her professional life has begun early, at sixteen years old. At the time, Larissa got her first job in a luxury fashion store and, not surprisingly, Fashion was love at first sight.

Yet in college to get her major in Fashion Business, Larissa also realized that she could still pursue her passion for writing—which spans from fashion journalism, poetry, to creative nonfiction. However, Larissa's interests go beyond that.

Astrology and esoteric studies had always been a path to her personal development; she sees everything through a mystical lens.

That being said, if you want to work with a person who has a keen aesthetic sense and it's a hard worker driven by results (inherent characteristics to Larissa's Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra and Capricorn rising); do not hesitate to reach out to her!