Long Story Short

From one concrete jungle to another, I'm a Brazilian non-fiction writer and freelance journalist from Sao Paulo based in Manhattan, New York, since 2017.

My professional life has begun early at sixteen years old. At the time, I got my first job in a luxury fashion store. Not surprisingly, Fashion was love at first sight ever since I've been working in the field in different positions, to highlight my role as a fashion journalist at Dafiti (the biggest fashion e-commerce in South America.)

Although Fashion stands out in my career, it was only the first step to express my artistic side. Literature had been born within my soul, and it flourished in the form of poetry since my youth. Over the past few years, I've been focusing on personal essays, poems, and projects related to Art.

In contrast, astrology and esoteric studies deserve credit in my work and self-development. I use to say I see everything through a mystical lens. I have a keen aesthetic sense, versatile style that captures different languages. I'm a hard worker driven by results (inherent characteristics to my Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra, and Capricorn rising). In other words, my work, my personal life, and my beliefs are intertwined.

So whether developing content for different mediums or writing about my own life, writing is my divine (or astrological) calling, and I do it with so much passion.