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Cool Hairstyle

For many men, hair can define personality. But if you haven't found the ideal hairstyle, Rodrigo Lima, hairstylist of the Circus Hair Salon, teaches three ways to upgrade it!


The classic effect is used by the famous soccer player David Beckham and can be obtained with the use of gel (either dry or wet texture) by pulling the wires back with the fingers or with the dryer. "Drying your hair straight forward with the towel also makes it aligned and easier to handle."


To copy the hairstyle of the actor Robert Pattinson, "apply the product to your palms and spread to the fingertips then knead the yarn to give texture," says Lima. The powder ointment or spray is indicated for fine hair, already the gel version or pastes for the coarse strands.


The spiked wires guarantee a very relaxed look on the same line as the actor Zac Efron. To ensure this same effect, dry the hair forward and pass a wax (dry effect) in the same direction, after that, pull the wires back to stab it.

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