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Hey Yuccie, nice to meet you!

You've probably heard the word Yuppie or Hipster, right? Today we present you the "Yuccie," Young Urban Creative, the descendant from those two famous generations.

"We can think of Yuccie as the son of a Yuppie (a 1980s workaholic) with a Hipster (a young modern from the 2000s). In other words, he is successful as the first and creative as the second one," explains Beatriz Modolin from the Bureau of trends WGSN. The Yuccie can combine cool lifestyle + creative ideas + recognition and professional success.

The word came ironically from an article when David Infante—an American writer who studied arts, loves rides a bike and lives in Brooklyn—classified his lifestyle. "Yuccies, by my definition, are determined to define themselves not by wealth (or the rejection of it), but by the relationship between wealth and their own creativity," he wrote.


Think of a young man (or woman, of course!) in his twenties who probably works with art or communication and left his job at a large company to pursue his own business. The big difference is that Yuccie creates innovative forms of services or products that combine, for example, technology and sustainability. This means that there must be a purpose to be undertaken.


The Yuccies like to invest in the hi-lo style (mix of expensive pieces with cheap ones). "For them the cost is irrelevant. What matters is the benefit that it can bring physically or intellectually," says Beatriz. Sophia Amoruso, founder of the American fashion e-commerce Nasty Gal is a good example of a Yuccie. At age 31, she started her career in 2006 with a store on the Ebay website where she resells vintage clothes. Her brand has increased so much—especially in the social media—that in 2012 Nasty Gal sold about 100 million dollars. And with all that power in the fashion world, in 2015, Sophia took another big step: she launched the GIRLBOSS foundation that will award up to $15,000 for a creative project done by a woman.


Make an outfit that brings the seriousness of a black and white striped dress + watch + bag. Dress up with printed sneakers to give that fun touch to the look.

Do you want to embrace this lifestyle? Think outside the box and write down these tips to give yourself a boost in creativity!

• Create solutions, not problems.
• Be curious! Search and ask about everything.
• Always be open to listen and change when needed.
• Look for and draw inspiration from good sources. Expand your network of referrals and contact.
• Get out of your comfort zone! Apply your ideas and take risks!

*Article originally published in Portuguese for DafitiMag, to see it follow the link below: