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House Party

Some philosophers already said that welcoming is an art because it is not always easy being a host. An organization, good humor and a bit of creativity are some of the requirements needed to make a simple lunch or a New Year's Eve party a pleasant moment. We've talked to professionals in this area and we've got everything you need to set a successful party.


First of all, write the guests list down. "One of the characters of a good host is to know who you really want to invite to, then you might avoid a tight spot," explains the etiquette consultant, Celia Leão. In addition, the number of guests should be compatible with your space, then everyone will be comfortable.


The second step is to choose the menu. If you are going to serve dinner, do it in the self-service style. If the occasion is more casual bet on finger food. " A few pieces of dishes such as plates, bowls, bowls, and serving trays are enough. Remember less is more," recommends Celia.


It's the fun part! In advance, your guests should feel comfortable even if they are off the table. "It is worth have puffs, stools, and chairs. A coffee table is an option to place dishes and snacks, but be careful to it not disturb the circulation around the room," advises Luciene Mota, the interior designer.

Neutral decor is always accurate. Flowers and plants contribute to give life to the environment. "Also, don't forget the toilets. Besides flowers, fragrances, and candles helps to smell and create an intimate atmosphere," says the designer.


According to the etiquette consultant, "the host must be ready 30 minutes before the scheduled time and, in the case of dinner, it should be served within one hour after the arrival of the first guest."

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