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The year was 2014. The month? I don’t remember exactly, but it was between July and August.

I was looking for a gift for my best friend’s birthday. She was born in August and, as a Leo, Marsha is the kind of person who shines naturally, without much effort.

Back to the birthday’ present, I was trying to find something different and special to give to her, something that could bring her into another perspective; something that could reach her inner self; something that she could keep for a long time—perhaps forever. I don't know about you, but when I’m looking for something like that, my first stop is always a bookstore.

I wandered aimlessly through those narrow hallway with a thousand books on shelves. Picking up and dropping off repeatedly. Nothing seemed to be ‘the book’ that I was looking for. Until I saw a yellow cover shinning in the middle of that thousand piles of books. “One page at a Time: a daily creative companion,” said the title. And Bingo! “This is the kind of present that could make her new cycle special,” I thought. And like my friendship with Marsha I believe this journal was there to be part of something bigger. Thus, I couldn’t ignore the sign.

So I began flipping through the pages, and I found out passages like: “Write some words to support a bad day or What are your goals for the rest of the year?" Deal! Without thinking, I grabbed it!

On the way to the cashier, I was still flipping the pages, and I started to complete the journal mentally in my head and when I was about to pay I decided to head back to the book session and get one copy for me. At that moment I thought: “Isn't my bday, but why don't get a chance to myself explore something new too?"

I got home quickly and I started writing, drawing and reflecting on that journal's page. I was having a complex moment in that year. I was unemployed, I was uncertain about my boyfriend, I was literally trying to find myself in the middle of the chaos that I was immersed in.

I put all my deepest emotions on those lines. I put all my deepest desires on those lines. I put it all with the most power that I could have ever experienced. And today, February 2019, for the first time in 4 years I opened the journal and I’ve started reading what I manifested.

Well, I don’t wanna take it too long, but I would like to share just one passage: “List 5 places where you would like to be.” And on top of the list was...New York City!” I think there nothing else to say, right?

But wait. Are you wondering if Marsha liked her present? Definitely, she did. But honestly, she didn't like as much I did. Actually, when I was trying to find something with an important meaning to her, I was unconsciously trying to find something important to myself too.

That said I will end this story saying... believe in your own magic, baby!

*This article was written for one of Novella's writing prompts. Novella is a monthly writing club & storytelling salon for all women based in NYC.