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Interview with Carol Ribeiro

Star of Dafiti's Mother's Day campaign, the top model Carol Ribeiro, besides rattling on the catwalks, is also a super mom. Check out our chat and find out more about her!

Have you always dreamed of being a mother? How do you adjust your work with motherhood?

I always wanted to have a baby that I spent a whole year trying to get pregnant. To settle the two things is crazy, but in the end, everything works out. The secret is not to demand too much from yourself.

What's the funniest part of being a mom?

Everything! Even the work it gives (LOL!). The exchange between mother and child is priceless. I love watching movies with him, and sometimes he tries to teach me to play video games, but I can’t do it at all.

Is your Mother's Day usually special? What kind of gift do you enjoy getting?

Usually, we go out for a family lunch. I love receiving the letters my son makes for me. And, of course, I also enjoy getting clothes. I find it funny that he gets super nervous about if I'm going to like it.

And how is Carol Ribeiro in the role of a daughter? What does your mother represent for you?

She is my greatest example and my confidant. It is in her that I think of times of joy, as gratitude, and in moments of difficulty, like a mirror

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