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Interview with Julia Petit

The redhead Julia Petit (creator of the site Petiscos) besides being a reference when it comes to fashion and makeup, is also pure sympathy! Check out our chat with the blogger!

You're in the team of the most well-dressed Brazilian women. Do you have any key outfit to wear during the day or at night?
I am on the way to reduce my closet and keeping only what I really like to use. I'm very simple and practical at the time of dressing myself up. I quite like classic pieces such as a blazer, tailors pants, and leather. About footwear, I have many types of boots and I used to use a lot of pointy shoes and flat shoes.

What is your "save-style" trick?
Jumpsuit, I have many of them! Being a unique piece, it is more comfortable than a dress, for example, and is also much easier to match with other pieces.

What are your selections from the Dafiti Collection?
I loved the black dress with transparent sleeves and the blazers that have an incredible cut. The collection itself is very easy to use, you can coordinate several looks!

Have you enjoyed the news of Dafiti Live?
The idea of ​​the store is very cool because the customer can have immediate contact with the product. It's also a good opportunity for everyone to know the brand better, enjoy the pieces and, of course, buy them!

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