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When I woke up to start writing this prompt this morning, I have promised to be honest with myself. It is hard for me to admit that I work hard. I have this feeling that I should work more and more. Even though I have been work so much, I always feel it is never enough.

I didn't grow up in a wealthy family. I do know that many children are born in this situation every day. I wasn't the first one and I wouldn’t be the last one at all. However, I’ve started working early at 16 years old. While my friends were enjoying their afternoon going to shopping, dating or really doing nothing, I was that one who was running to go to work after school. At that time my mom lost her job, and when I had the opportunity to work professionally, I couldn’t simply ignore the fact that our situation was tough. I felt that moment as a mission and I had to work through.

My sense of responsibility was growing up day after day (thanks to my Capricorn rising!), but the things got big when I could start my degree in Fashion Business, and I only started it because I could afford to pay the tuition by myself.

Years later, at the age of 25, I could travel by plane for the first-time-ever. Yes, after 25 years of my life I could finally fly. I could finally have butterflies in my stomach. But these butterflies haven’t gone yet. After a few months, I was traveling internationally for the first time too. The Atacama Desert was the destiny. And before I could digest that amazing trip, I saw myself on the way to the biggest adventure of my life: I was moving to another country; but before you start wondering, it wasn’t pre-planned. Sometimes the Universe acts as your godmother and you just had to accept her blessings. And that’s what I did.

I packed my stuff and I had one of the most memorable days of my life right on my luggage. Never in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t imagine move so far, so forward. It has been almost 3 years.

Well, I think I can finally recognize: I’ve worked hard, and I’ve played hard too. And the sky is not a limit anymore.

*This article was written for one of Novella's writing prompts. Novella is a monthly writing club & storytelling salon for all women based in NYC.