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The Men's Shoe Guide

Whether you are trying to distinguish or choose some shoe type, we've got you! Check out our male footwear guide that will make your life easier!

It is very confused with the Oxford, but it is important to emphasize that the brogue is not a type of shoe, but rather a characteristic which is characterized by decorative holes and serrations. The suede model can be used with informal pants such as chino pants and a printed shirt.

This model is one of the favorites of those who wear formal clothes 24 hours per day because it is not as dressy as the Oxford is. The difference between them is that in some derby shoes has a line dividing the front part and may not have a divider on the top of the shoe.

Classic and elegant, the Oxford has a narrow tip and seems that the tip separates from the rest of the shoe. Since this type is super formal, wear it with a suit.

Inspired by the "monks’ shoes," the model is also on the formal' team footwear. It is easy to distinguish from the others as the shoelaces have been replaced by a metallic buckle placed on the side of the piece.

Super comfortable, the moccasin is sewn with a thick thread around the shoe. Its "brother," the driver moccasin, has pebbled nubs along the bottom to grip the pedals and extend the wear of the shoe. The comfort and flexibility are handy for driving performance. Whether wearing both of them, bet on the jeans + polo shirt.

Moccasin Loafer
It is the simplest version (without many details) and, at the same time, is sophisticated. Its differential is a leather band on the part that covers the chest of the foot. The model is also restricted to use with a suit.

The dockside is a variation of the moccasin. One of its characteristics is the rubber soles and the lace (usually in leather) which passes through eyelets on the sides of the shoe. Composed by a "nautical vibes," it is perfect for a more fresh and cool style combining a striped t-shirt + shorts.

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