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The Sunscreen Guide

Whether in the summer or in the winter, the sunscreen is a must-have product. To make our lives easier and unravel the myths and truths about this powerful item, we’ve talked with dermatologist Narjara Montefusco and we've collected the essential information for you keep your skin always beautiful and healthy. Let the sun come up!

1-What is the exact purpose of a sunscreen?

The sunscreen protects from the UVA and UVB rays responsible for the early aging of the skin, the appearance of skin spots and other diseases such as cancer.

2-Is it necessary to use every day?

It is essential even on cloudy days or indoors because there is always some incidence of light. If you don't work under the sun, apply onto face in the morning and lunchtime. Whether on the beach or swimming pool, reapply every 3 hours and every time you jump in the water.

3-Which SPF is ideal for daily use?

Give preference for products with SPF 30 and above SPF 50 for when there is higher sun exposure. The sunscreen should be applied all over the body, such as the face, arms, scalp, and ears, regions where some skin cancer symptoms can come up.

4-Are makeup with SPF efficient?

When there is adequate SPF in the formula the efficiency is higher because in the case of a foundation forms physical protection in the skin against the visible light of the day. But that only works if you apply it correctly, okay?

5-Is it possible to get tanned using sunscreen?

Yes, it is, (yay!) because melanocytes (colored skin cells) react even to small amounts of exposure. But remember, don't "burn your body" under the sun.

6-Is a bad idea to use an expired sunscreen?

Yes, it is, because it loses its efficiency. Never leave any sunscreen in a very hot place as it speeds up the degeneration of protective properties.

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