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Coming from Erechim, a small town in the southern state of Brazil, Alessandra Ambrosio didn't take long to win the world. The 34-year-old began her career at 14 and, for over a decade, has held the position of a Victoria's Secret Angels—one of the most desired "title" in the fashion modeling. But we have to be honest, her 114 pounds are perfectly sculpted at her 5-foot-10, giving a shape of one of the most beautiful bodies on the planet, that now wears the clothes of the Dafiti Collection campaign.

Focused since she was a kid, Alessandra knew where she wanted to go. Among the first jobs as a model are the covers of magazines Capricho in 1996 and ELLE in 1997. However, it was a campaign for Calvin Klein, clicked by the top photographer Mario Testino, which her career took-off.

"Alessandra's professionalism is exceptional. She never let anything compromise her success, and she did it without leaving aside her attention to her family, which is so important. I admire how she takes care of her image, her charisma, and also the smooth way as she lives her life," states Zeca de Abreu, managing partner of WAY ​​Models who works with Ale since her first fashion shows.

Such determination earned her a memorable career and an annual income of around U$ 5 million dollars, according to Forbes magazine. The angel now invests into the fashion market by creating her own brand, ále by Alessandra. "The fashion world was where I grew up, so it's the area where I feel most comfortable with, whether it's modeling, photographing or even doing something for my brand as a designer," says Alessandra in an interview for Dafitimag.


Even when she is traveling for work, Alessandra doesn't fail to take care of her kids, the oldest daughter Anja Louise, 7, and her youngest son Noah Phoenix, 3 years old. "I have a normal life. I take my kids to school; I play with them on the beach; I travel with my family...I don't restrict myself of anything," she clarifies.

The family also motivates the top to work on social projects, which among them is to be the ambassador of the Brazilian Multiple Sclerosis Association and the National Sclerosis Society in the United States. "My father has this disease, so I've embraced the cause," she says proudly.

In the middle of her busy work life, social projects and caring of her family, Alessandra finds time to work out and keep a healthy lifestyle. "I like to practice outdoor sports, but whether I don't have time to do that or because I'm traveling, I always go to the gym."


Not just a catwalk make Ambrosio's career. Her role in the TV Globo's novel "Verdades Secretas" (Hidden Truths, 2015) has given a lot to talk about, but what few people know is that she has already starred tv shows such as "Entourage" and "How I Met Your Mother", and also joined in one of the James' Bond movies, Casino Royale.

Even so, she tries to keep her feet on the ground: "I had the opportunity to work with people who have mastered the art of acting. So if I really want to pursue a career, I will have to study hard."

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