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Top's Beauty

Do you need a super practical look that is also the face of summer? So check it out the incredible beauty that the beauty artist Rodrigo Costa prepared for the model Fabiana Semprebom at our Art District editorial.

The "messy hair" effect (kind of I just woke up) has everything to do with the weather and the bonus is that it is easy to do! Look at Rodrigo's tip: “To leave the hair looking like this (if you don't you have them straight) do first a blow dry. Don't need to do too much, as the idea is that they are very natural. Then spray dry shampoo or spray fixative on the root and shuffle with the comb or using your fingers."

Just like the hair, the makeup was also thought for a natural result, but with a plus sexy touch: the red mouth. Check step by step.

The liquid foundation is important in the visual since it doesn’t leave the skin loaded. If you need the concealer to cover dark circles or small imperfections, be sure to apply it before the foundation.

To give that slight coloring and leave the skin with healthy air, bet on the creamy pink blush on the cheekbones.

Choose your favorite mascara and apply only one layer for not to load the look. Lengthening mascara or curved applicators are great for light results.

As the star of the makeup, the lips got a matte red-tone lipstick with a pink background that looks perfect in all skin tones (Yay!)—and still makes you look super sexy!

Final Trick
"Use the highlighter in the right places, such as temples, eyelids, and chin. It is responsible for the eye-catching aspect of the skin," concludes the beauty artist.

*Article originally published in Portuguese, to see it follow the link below: