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We love boots!

Whether with ankle boot (cheek ankle) or chelsea (with elastic on the side), the skinny pants are the look of the look. You can bet on the leather version of the boot combined with a shirt. "To lengthen the legs, the color of the boot should be the same tone as the pants," says Marcia.

It was made specifically for the practice of equestrianism and is the current winner in terms of comfort. Wear the over the knee with leggings, bodysuit and throw on a sequin blazer to give the final touch. The ideal over the knee is the one that fits right in your calves: neither tight nor too loose.

Very popular by soldiers, the model resurged with the punks in the 1970s. For day to day, invest in the grunge footprint composing the look with plaid + skinny destroyed shirt. If combined with a dress and coat, the look becomes super modern.

Straight from the folk universe, the fringes are an absolute trend! To dive right in the mood, bet on the loose-fitting ethnic print dress and finish off with various accessories. The stylist warns that it is important to leave the fringes as the protagonist. Therefore, don't wear two items with this element at the same time.

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