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“Who are you in NYC based on Your Zodiac Sign?”

Written by me and illustrated by the talented graphic designer Niege Borges, the series "Who are you in NYC based on Your Zodiac Sign?" aims to associate women's personality with some of New York City's traits.

For each sign, I came up with a stereotype based on its astrological characteristics as well as how each one would live/see/interact with NYC. Niege drew each illustration, and we posted them all on our Instagram alongside a short description that explains how these women's personality connects with New York.

Aries - The Feminist

Ruled by Mars, the God of War, these go-getter goddesses are full of energy, spontaneity, confidence, and courage. Aries is the first zodiac sign for a reason: they are born leaders, so are the feminists. Tough as any New Yorker woman can be, Aries is fearless. And not because they're against beauty standards or all the blahs men like to say; rather, they're always ready to act, to volunteer, without thinking twice about the risks and stand up for those who can't. As for that, a perfect example is Gloria Steinem, an Aries who also lives in New York and is well-known as the "world's most famous feminist." Therefore, anyone can easily recognize this "girl on fire" debating feminism during a brunch in Greenpoint or, literally, leading a march at Washington Square.

Taurus - The Bon Vivant

Here's a "fancy-french" word for who was born to enjoy more than a simple human life. The Universe (specifically Venus) blessed your soul by giving the fullness of the five senses; you're the specialist on smell, taste, sight, sound, and touch. Tauruses are the most earthy sign, so they need to feel grounded by being surrounded by good views, people, and yummy food! In NY, this combo is reached with ease on a classic picnic lunch in Central Park, where you can observe all the luxury buildings where you, hopefully, gonna live one day (if you don't yet). But wait, a truly New Yorker Tauruses can't also go against her material desire, and we know that. No one is going to judge if after such a day you spend the rest of it shopping for a new coat or ending up eating (more) in a 5-star restaurant - and NYC has plenty to fill your belly up!

Gemini - The Chatty

Geminis are talkative and curious by nature because of Mercury, its ruler, which gives them a charismatic and intellectual personality. You know, Gemini girl, how to keep everyone and everything on your toes. However, sometimes you can't stop your "seminar tone" during a bar table, forcing everyone around to drink more - so then they can beat up some of your broad knowledge. On the other hand, if you're not, in fact, a twin, you were born with extra energy, and this soul (or souls) is free-spirited thus gets bored to be confined to one place. NY then makes your plate full of options. Hybrid spaces that combine art exhibitions, libraries, music, café, and/or drinks like @usaginy, @magichourny, @publicrecordsnyc are perfect for Geminis New Yorkers to do the two things they love the most: explore, talk, and have fun!

Cancer - The Caregiver

Ruled by our vigilant Moon, Cancer can be considered the mom of the whole zodiac. Very sensitive, this sign naturally has a nurturing instinct, even if it only means taking care of her drunk BFF. NYC is a place full of babysitters, housekeepers, health care workers, dog walkers, upper east side moms...so probably some of these folks are or have Cancer placement in their natal chart. Associations aside, Crabs, overall, tend to be homebody, but they do know how to break out of their shell. That said, they tend to walk sideways to anywhere near the water (hello, Seaport District!), turning it into a pleasant scape. Le District also offers an all-in environment because there's nothing cozier as French food, rosé, and a good view—all that these watery warmhearted ladies like to love and feel loved!

Leo - The Performer

Lights, Camera, Action: a star was born! Yes, we’re introducing the Leos, the ones who are famous for being famous—even if it's just in their group of friends. Ruled by the Sun, the center of our universe, Leo women are entertainers at heart; after all, they want to get others hyped up around them. In the same way, New York is home to Broadway, actors, dancers, musicians, thus the perfect habitat for these queens. You’ll probably see New Yorker Leos pursuing their own stage to perform or to live, whether in The Village, Upper West Side (thinking of you Juilliard School!); or likewise in an affordable neighborhood as Central Harlem, home to the iconic Apollo Theater, as well as chain stores, restaurants; culture, overall, to get immersed in—everything Leo appreciates!

Virgo - The Critical Thinker

Virgo and NY have more to do with it than anyone could think at first. Proof of that is New Amsterdam became New York on September 8, 1664, making Gotham City reborn and having its Sun in Virgo, which, actually, makes more sense. Besides being analytical and perfectionist, Virgo women tend to be CRITICAL AND INTELLECTUAL (judging you Californians!), so, uh, NY. And we love this similarity. Commonly, you spot them reading classics like "The New Yorker" while pointing out many issues regarding the articles—even though they might only share it with the pigeons around. Virgo is alluring differently because they don't show off, making them a hidden treasure to be dug. And, at the end of the day, they care about being useful for others, like NY, again.

Libra - The Blogger

New York cares so much about its appearance that Venus must have been sending all its vibes over here. Which city in the U.S. has Soho, 5th avenue, art galleries, museums, fashion runways? Yes, NY is a fashion capital for [lots of] reasons, and that's why Libras find pleasure in living here. Like bloggers, Libras are associated with aesthetics, beauty, and refinement; they'll always be well-dressed somehow, even if they penchant to wear black like a true New Yorker. However, New Yorkers Libras manage to lean into any sartorial stereotypes while maintaining individual flair. Anyways, notice 'em wearing fashionable high heels during a trendy brunch in Meatpacking District alongside their stylish, aka fashion stylists, editors, and influencers, girlfriends.

Scorpio - The Psychic

Perhaps there's a chance that 99% of the fortune-tellers in NY are Scorpios. As a deep sign, they're sensitive to the light and dark that exists inside us. Thus, this characteristic makes them extraordinarily clairvoyant and intuitive since its strength comes from the psychic, emotional realm, the occult. Intrinsically, NY is a city where the supernatural thrives. Like deli stores or walk-in med clinics, any psychic (aka astrologers, tarot card readers, palm readers, etc.) can be found across all 5-boroughs - yes, even in Staten Island! - in a blink of a "third" eye. So beware of these powerful women. They cannot only see the future in their crystal ball; they can see all the bullshit that men [try to] hide.

Sagittarius - The Wanderlust

Ability to Communicate Easily ✅ Charismatic Personality ✅ Keen Ability to Improvise ✅ Adventurous Spirit ✅! Sagittarius is enthusiastic at heart because they're the zodiac's global explorer. Sagittarius women are proud of living in the world's capital since they can often experience a foreign vibration. China, in Chinatown, Greek, in Greektown (aka Astoria, in case you don't know), Italy, in Little Italy, and still, at the end of the day, they're in the Big Apple. Having a Saggitarius friend in NYC is like having, besides a personal travel/tour agent, a worldwide cupid that can probably introduce that France buddy that you'll fall in love with.

Capricorn - The CEO

When it comes to Capricorn, we're talking about the zodiac’s CEOs. Not surprisingly, they're ambitious, goal-oriented, organized, and own, like any other, a can-do attitude. Even if none of them aren't in a leadership position yet, we know it’s a matter of time until a BOSS BABE title can be added to their email signature. And since NY, the world's financial capital, is the city with more women behind businesses in the U.S., it becomes the perfect "playground to work hard, play hard" that Capricorns love. It's pretty common seeing these CEOs bossing around FIDI or Midtown, but they also find time to the "play hard part" by escaping to the Catskills (after all, they're goats; ah, "mountain vibes!") to have some wine and cheese with their loved ones.

Aquarius - The Activist

Women Rights, LGBGT+ Rights, Black Lives Matter, Go Vegan…There are not specific or irrelevant causes for Aquarians. Even if they don't perform in any march, Aquarians usually work for humanity in their own way. Every Aquarian woman is a rebel at heart, and NYC is lucky for having them sticking around. A speech that could represent them well, it's one once said by New Yorker Aquarian Alicia Keys:

“Especially as an activist, as a woman, here in this world, who is driven to recognize the injustice in the world and recognize the unfairness, the inequality, the things that have to change, the ways that we, as everyday people, all of us, have a part to play in that.” No matter what or where, count on those ladies!

Pisces- The Artist

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac; therefore, they carry all other signs' traits. They have the openness to feel their burdens (and joys) as well everybody else's. Neptune as its ruler, women Pisces incredibly love to do anything that stimulates their imagination, making them very artistic, creative, mystical, sensitive, and empathetic ladies. Yet NYC sometimes can give New Yorker Pisces little nightmares, but, on the other hand, the city is able to promote such a state of fantasy for those dreamers, even by making their dream come true. Examples of that are: The Museum of illusions to sharpen your imagination; Chelsea Galleries or Bushwick murals painted by the coolest artists to inspire your creativity; and why not, Rockaway beach (in the summer) to refuel your energy. Pisces are definitely the best "ending" for the astrology wheel!