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Work Costume Guide

No matter what your area of expertise is, investing in the right clothes is essential to transmit credibility and leadership. If you want to "upgrade your career," check out these looks that will help you get there!

Usually formed by executives, managers, and lawyers, these areas require a serious appearance, then you can invest in a complete suit composed by a jacket, shirt, trousers, tie, and social shoes. Tip: The color of the shoe and the belt should be the same or similar as well as the socks—them needs to be long enough for your legs don't be exposed when you are sitting.

For journalists, teachers, and engineers the casual outfit is welcome. Here are allowed jeans (no wash or finish!), polo shirts, neutral colors, docksides, boots, and any casual shoe.

It is the most liberal area and contemplates designers, photographers, and musicians. So it allows more trendy items like colored pants, denim washes, printed t-shirts, and sneakers.

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